Mouth Guards And Core Strengthening: Advice Given to country Athletes at the beginning of the New Season

Mouth guards are a necessity

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Winning a state championship starts off with wanting to practice and getting perfect at the sport. As this week marks the beginning of fall sports in the County, coaches, athletic trainers and team members strive to foster physical, emotional and mental growth in kids through sports. And one such sport in soccer. 

As per Marlee Scott who is a certified athletic trainer in Caribou, concussions are a common phenomenon amongst athletes in the County and she correlates that to the element of heading in a game like a soccer. Going for headers makes repetitive head contact inevitable thus increasing the risk for a concussion. Other reasons Marlee believed were colliding with someone or hitting your head with another player.

She, however, believes that concussions can be prevented or limited through core strengthening. In her opinion, a stronger core will support the neck better and will help eliminate the chances of “snapping of the neck” when a player gets hit and thus minimize the impact/intensity after a knockdown.

Why Mouthguard are important

Mouthguards:  A protective device that helps with providing cushioning and shock absorption between the teeth, and thus reducing the impact of the collision. At the same time, mouth guards also prove useful in protecting the jaw joints and teeth. As per Dr. Cassidy, an orthodontist, if the athlete received a blow to the chin, that would cause the forces to transfer from the chin to the narrow region close to the TM joint which could then travel to your head and present as a concussion.

Hence, mouth guards will help soften the blow, they, however, do not minimize the risk or prevent a concussion.

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Another reason for this is that not all mouthguards are the same and finding the correct mouth guard is crucial but at the same time also a difficult task commented Dr.Caccidy. He mentioned that his own personal struggle with finding the right mouthguard leads him to design free mouth guards for student-athletes every year and he says he gives out about 300 of them at his county.

In my opinion, 

1) Not only core strengthening but also neck strengthening could make a significant difference in minimizing the impact of injury after a collision. As physical therapists, we play a pivotal role in treating neck-related conditions in athletes, children and older population secondary to our expansive knowledge of the biomechanics of any injury.

To learn more about the basics of neck strengthening and how you would benefit from it as an athlete, buy your copy today: Concussion and Sports.

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