High school football player, 17, dies post multiple head injuries

Kenny Bui young football player

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Kenney Bui was 17 years old. He was a football player at Evergreen High school.

evergreen high school

On Sept 4, 2015 Kenny had suffered a concussion while playing against the Nathan Hale High School. He was however medically cleared by the school’s physician.

A few weeks later on Oct 2, 2015, when playing another game for the school Kenny suffered a head injury. He was immediately rushed to a hospital. Three days later, on Oct 5, 2015, Kenny succumbed to his injuries.

This is yet another incident of concussions not being diagnosed and treated adequately.

In Oct of 2018, Kenny’s parent filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the school district (Highline public school district). The complaint alleges that Highline Public Schools allowed Kenny “to return to play without fully completing the return to play protocol.”

Concern over football-related injuries and deaths is now causing several High schools to rethink this program and possibly even shut it down.

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