Concussion accident

Did you know that even mild head injuries can lead to Concussions and Concussions can cause life long mental illness, learning disability, depression or dementia.

Rate of concussions amongst children is nearly as high as rate of drug and alcohol abuse. More than 2 Million children and teens suffer from concussions each year. Yet there is little awareness amongst parents and schools about this Deadly epidemic.


Concussion and Sports
What every parent needs to know!
The National Institute for Health has determined that by 2020, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) will surpass many diseases worldwide and will become the leading cause of disability and death.

This book is for parents, coaches, athletes. Unlike many popular books which examine head injuries as a social or scientific phenomenon, this book has been written to provide an “easy-to-read” manual for everyone to understand.

Learn more about concussions and become an alert parent.


Concussions cause depression
Concussions can cause depression
Concussion accident
Head injuries lead to learning disabilities. Ever wondered why your child is not performing in academics ?
injured girl
Did you know, simple playground injuries could lead to concussions
Kid Head Injury
There is plenty of awareness about drug and alcohol abuse amongst children. Has anyone educated you on concussions ?