Buffalo Bills Mitch Morse misses time in the game due to a concussion

buffalo bills mitch morse

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Without providing many scoops on the matter, coach Sean McDermott confirmed that a definitive diagnosis of concussion for Morse was made on Tuesday,

Resulting in him being out of practice and on concussion protocol after that until symptoms improved.

Morse, who signed up with the Bills as a free agent from Kansas City, had already missed 5 games last season as a result of a concussion he suffered then.

And there is more.

Back in 2015 also, Morse was diagnosed with multiple concussions and had to sit it out.

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll stated that Morse has been a valuable addition to the team due to his qualities of having a good command of the huddle, center position besides being a really good teammate.

However, they are afraid, his absence could impact the development of his relationship with other teammates especially the quarterback.


Morse’s new contract with Bills, with those heart-stopping numbers and the important role he will be playing anchoring the middle of Buffalo’s offensive line,

his latest diagnosis of concussion is certainly concerning for McDermott and the team.


Take away message:

Knowing the number of episodes, he has had in the past, complete recovery is imperative at this point before he is allowed to get back into the game. 

Otherwise, chances of symptoms resurfacing would be very high, with a probable diagnosis of second impact syndrome, during which recovery is usually prolonged and carries a poor prognosis.

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