A certain school district hires a concussion nurse to minimise risk of second impact syndrome

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More than 1700 students reported concussions in the year 2018 at Jefferson County, Colorado with symptoms ranging from dizziness and headache to anxiety and depression.

The school district thought that was an alarming number and decided to hire a traumatic brain injury nurse to work in collaboration with teachers and parents to improve students’ mental health status.

According to Toni Grishman, the TBI nurse, not all cases were sports related. Some were merely a result of skateboard accidents or car and bike accidents.

Some of the less common symptoms she noticed were blurry vision , difficulty hearing , poor attention span, easy forgetfulness to name a few.

Toni believes her being an integral part of the staff team will prove to be beneficial not only for the school but also for parents, who seem to not know much about how to proceed once the child has started exhibiting symptoms of a head injury.

She believes awareness is poor and close monitoring of these students will make incidences of secondary concussions less likely.

Other school districts in Colorado are likely to follow their footsteps as they seem to be putting together a concussion management team that comprises of a nurse , a counselor , an administrator and a teacher. 


In my opinion , being a physical therapist for over a decade and having come to the assistance of myriad parents and their athlete children, I believe we play a significantly important role in minimising acute as well as chronic symptoms associated with head injuries.

Headaches are the most common symptoms following a concussion and are mostly associated with a disturbance in the biomechanics of the neck leading to tension type headache.

The other, less common type of headache is the migraine, also associated with abnormal stresses in the neck in addition to some increased pressure in the brain due to laceration of nerve cells , in some cases.

Physical therapy plays a critical role with relieving this pain through

  1. Spinal Manipulation techniques
  2. Biofeedback
  3. Soft tissue mobilization
  4. Therapeutic modalities.

These are just to name a few. 

In addition to this, we also play a major role in relieving symptoms of dizziness, vision problems , balance and coordination problems by providing vestibular rehabilitation.

To know more about the role of Physical therapy in treating concussion, please,

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